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SmuggleCraft is a quest-based hovercraft game with randomly generated tracks and branching narrative. Players smuggle contraband, upgrade their hovercraft, and run from the authorities as they discover the incredible stories of the inhabitants of the unforgiving and troubled world Dirahl. The game features randomly generated tracks, fully upgradeable hovercrafts with hundreds of combinations, quest-based missions complete with illegal contraband and high-speed chases, and a branching story with alternate endings that change based on player choice.


Ready to finally make a game you could sink your teeth into, Happy Badger Studio decided to question what's typically expected of a racing game, and make something totally unique. SmuggleCraft is a racing game that not only feels great to play, but also gives players a greater sense of purpose. Inspired by classic racing games and modern games for change, SmuggleCraft is set on a politically divided world in which the player must decide who to help in order to get the upgrades they need, even if it means doing a favor for someone with questionable intentions.


  • Randomly generated tracks make every race a new challenge
  • Fully upgradeable hovercraft with hundreds of combinations
  • Quest-based missions, complete with illegal contraband and high-speed chases
  • Branching story with alternate endings that change based on player choice
  • Split screen multiplayer up to 4 players, and online up to 8 players
  • Original Soundtrack by Bravendary merges classical with 80s synth pop


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Selected Articles

  • "I was hooked. There was a distinct Wipeout feel to the control scheme and ship handling. Drifting around corners felt directional and not tractional, appropriate for a hovercraft. The inclusion of a strafe ability also lent to degree of finesse that many games with similar vehicles need but almost always lack.”"
    - Caleb Sawyer, Nerdy Bits

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About Happy Badger Studio

Happy Badger Studio is a small team of independent game developers proudly located in St. Louis, Missouri. We like to experiment with art styles, game genres, and play mechanics.

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SmuggleCraft Credits

Ben Triola
Producer, Designer

Dana Huth
Creative Director, Level Designer

Carol Mertz
Narrative Designer, Character Artist

Joey Paniello
Lead Developer

TJ Hughes
Technical Artist

Philip Hayes (Bravendary)

Richard Nava
Community Manager

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