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Based in St. Louis, MO

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May 21, 2014

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Get ready for a rad roll down the streets of St. Louis in the retro runner #strangevideogame: Strange Donuts vs. The World! Strap on your wheels and grab some donuts, because you’re on the run from the cops! Roll past dragons, dinosaurs, and UFOs, as you collect donuts and coins! Dodge wild obstacles like alligators, zombie hands, radio flyers, street pizza, and way more. Toss donuts or jump over the cops on your tail for unlawfully skating on the sidewalk. Grab “Strange Donuts” for bodacious power-ups to get a sick advantage over the po-po. Use the coins you collect to unlock tubular new characters with special starter donuts, or to roll on from the game over screen to help boost your high score. Cowabunga! What are you waiting for? Get in the done zone! Special contests and promotions for high scores will be offered by Strange Donuts.



  • Retro-style distance skater
  • Four unlockable characters, each with a unique starter donut
  • Dodge wild obstacles and scooter cops at high speeds
  • Game Center integration to compare high scores with friends


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About Happy Badger Studio

Happy Badger Studio is a small team of independent game developers proudly located in St. Louis, Missouri. We like to experiment with art styles, game genres, and play mechanics.

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Strange Donuts vs. The World Credits

Joey Paniello

Ben Triola

Dana Huth

Carol Mertz

Philip Hayes

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