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We had the opportunity to participate in MolyJam, an international Game Jam event inspired by the quotes of Peter Molyneux (and his twitter parody, Peter Molydeux). Participants were asked to find inspiration from a selection of Molyneux quotes, then take the weekend to develop a game around the idea.

We chose:

“Some people leave artwork, some people do rude things, other people then turn those rude things into nice things.”

…And decided to turn it into a nice thing. We created the game Box, an online multiplayer experience playing with the idea of patience, greed, and kind favors, with some crudity and poetry thrown in there for good measure.

The game is totally free, runs in your browser, and takes just a few seconds to get started. The rules are simple: Get a box, pass the box to increase its value for the next player, or open the box to keep its contents for your collection. The longer a box stays in circulation, the more valuable its contents become. Plus, you have the opportunity to see and modify notes that each player leaves as he or she passes the box along. It’s a simple concept, but our whole office has gotten enthralled with reading other peoples’ notes. We can’t wait for you to experience Box!

Play it Now!


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