Something Fragile

Something Fragile is a poetic, visually unique, highly textural puzzle platforming game. Originally  prototyped by Happy Badger Studio during the 2013 Global Game Jam in St. Louis, all of the art was created with physical media like fabrics and paper, and brought to life with stop-motion animation.

something fragile game

In Something Fragile, you are a creature created for the sole purpose of protecting the heart that you were given. As this creature, you must progress through the level and overcome the puzzles in order to carry the heart past the obstacles and through the environmental threats. The challenge of the game is to keep the heart safe throughout all of the puzzles, which will require the heart to be placed in harm’s way in order to get it through the level safely. The moment the heart is placed on the ground, it is immediately vulnerable to the environment, and similarly, the moment the creature gets too far away from the heart, both it and the heart perish.

 something fragile character sketches

While we completed the initial prototype at the Global Game Jam, we hope to eventually revisit the game and make it a larger-scale experience when we have the time and resources to devote to it.

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