Hero Chomp

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Heroes have invaded the castle, and you have to stop them!

In the delightfully difficult “Hero Chomp,” you must help the Evil King Frog protect his fortress from a sudden invasion of heroes! With a simple one-touch mechanic, you can tap to keep Evil King Frog from moving, so that he can chomp the heroes and avoid their bombs.

A unique play on classic arcade games, “Hero Chomp” turns gameplay mechanics on their head. Stop the Evil King Frog to stop the heroes!

  • Reversed control mechanic
  • Pick up and play – easy learning curve
  • Quick difficulty ramp
  • Developed in 6 days

The Happy Badgers team is starting to experiment with rapid dev cycles, and as a part of those experiments, Hero Chomp was concepted, designed, developed and completed in 6 days. We aim to be producing more of these rapid turnaround games while we continue development on Something Fragile.

More Screenshots: Hero Chomp Screenshots

Hero Chomp Screenshot


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