Tuna Toots

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Tuna Toots is a playful game for kids. Tap these goofy, gassy fish in three different modes — Math, Treasure Hunt, and Free Play — and unlock new items as you earn points! Each fish makes a different sound when you tap it, which is sure to cause a fit of giggles and keep kids engaged for hours. Multiple gameplay modes teach different levels of math, from basic arithmetic to multiplication and division. Pop the bubbles, tap the fish, enjoy the sounds, and learn math all at once with this bubbly, silly game.

Tuna Toots is in the final phases of production, and will be available on the iOS app store soon. In the meantime we’ll tide you over with these fascinating toot facts:

  • The average life of a toot is only a second
  • Most toots are forgotten within just 5 minutes
  • The average speed of a toot is just 10 seconds
  • Most toots take place while asleep, which means they can never be recognized and/or appreciated
  • Toots are stigmatized because they are the children of E-coli bacteria
  • It is impossible to toot at depths of 33 feet or below.

tuna toots game


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