Kinematifest 2012

April 9th, 2012

What do you mean you want us to give a talk? Like, in public? Are you sure?

Well, we did it! Our friends in the Animation department at Webster University invited the Happy Badgers and our partner team Rampant Creative Group to speak at the 2012 Kinematifest, a student animation and interactive media festival. It was awesome.

We decided to kill two birds with one stone and give both a postmortem panel on our recent game, Stodgy Gents, as well as something of a “this is how we got into making games, so that means you can do it too” inspirational talk. While the turnout was small, the interest was high, and the feedback we received was fantastic. We had a blast, and look forward to seeing what the student attendees come up with as they pursue careers in game development.

We’d like to offer a huge thanks to Webster University and the Kinematifest team for having us there, as well as fellow speaker¬†Alan Chan,¬†who is not only a really interesting and talented guy, but also happens to offer good company during lunch, and asks great pressing questions like, “What’s the difference between a Happy Badger and a honey badger?”

The answer is that, while honey badger don’t give a s***, the Happy Badger wants you to be happy and play video games.

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