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AnimeSTL 2012, here we come!

April 18th, 2012

Has it been a whole year since last year’s AnimeSTL/TornadoCon 2011? Between the tornados and the awesome costumes, we got our first dose of exposure at last year’s AnimeSTL event, and couldn’t have been more encouraged by the attendees’ reactions to our in-production games. We couldn’t believe how much of a buzz our stickers created throughout the con, inspiring so many people to find out more about the games we had in the pipeline. This year we have even more to talk about.

Stodgy Gents Concept to Completion – the Artist’s Take

November 5th, 2011

So at long last the Happy Badgers have released their first iOS game. It’s been a long road getting here, and being proud of the accomplishment only describes have the feelings I have as artist/animator.

Artists always say their work is like their child. Boredom often breeds kids (applicable to both artists and farmers), and the Gents were born nearly six months ago on a chilly early-spring evening when I, personally, ran out of stuff to do.

The rest of the Badgers were working on a larger project with assets divvied up between us. I’ve always been a quick-draw (with a pen not a gun, I’d be under the table at the OK corral) so I finished a bit ahead of the other assets. Now one can either sit on their hands and be a lazy good-for-nothing, or one can be an independent developer and make something. Let that be lesson one for both artists and farmers – you want something to grow, you better get busy.


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